UAD systems works with a variety of computer languages and systems to program and develop software. We work with PHP, HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript, C++, Delphi, and the list goes on. Our technicians boast a pretty extensive list with regards to what they’re capable of, but let’s just run through a few of our most common services.


CSS (classic / Bootstrap)

JavaScript (classic / JQuery / React JS / Angular JS)

CMS (Wordpress / Magento)

CRM (LimeLight / Konnective)

PHP frameworks (Laravel / Kohana)


Classic Web Development

Classic is based on PHP, a language crafted in 1995 and extremely powerful especially when it comes to dealing with scripts at a pretty high speed. As opposed to C or Pascal, PHP offers the kind of variety that enables you to avoid having to write multi-line functions intended for the user. In classic web development, PHP can be used alongside HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, CMS, and CRM, to name a few.

ASP .NET Web Development

Windows is a tried and true, secure and licensed platform which means that ASP .NET hosting comes with a larger price tag. For one, ASP .NET allows for something known as code threading meaning that multiple codes can run at the same time. Or, the SQL security feature provided by ASP .NET offers unlimited data storage. Then, of course, ASP .NET grants you the freedom to choose from several languages including but not limited to: C#, Visual Basic.NET, and C++. Remember, if deciding between the two possible frameworks, that any system developed with PHP can also be developed using ASP.NET with the same design and function. .

The other aspect of your online presence consists of web applications. Every business worth its salt these days must provide some sort of application that can be easily run on most systems and carries all the best features of your product or service. We at UAD systems will not only help you decide what to include on your app, but which kind of app is best suited to your purposes.


So, whether you need a website, a web application, or some combination of the two we’re here to help galvanize your plan into action. UAD systems will help you plan out the right combination of technologies guaranteed to provide the best result for your company or individual needs.

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